Monday, December 7, 2009

Capstone: Volunteering in a high school class

Logo project: The goal was to introduce students to the text box and get them to play around with altering layers and text. The assignment was to create a personal logo using part of their name. This was my example piece that I used in class. It is built with three layers. The two text layers are actually the same letter M, just flipped vertically to create a mirror effect. The third layer is a black oval in the background.

Who do you want to be?: This project involved the students finding a picture online and placing their own figure into that image. For my example I chose Fred and Ginger. I found a picture of myself and cut out my face, then transfered that image into the Fred and Ginger photo. I then worked with the separate layers to create a more realistic looking photo. It is very cheeeeezy but the students had a lot of fun. The goal was to teach them about using layers and filters. Many students felt this was a challenging first project but they really enjoyed it once they got comfortable with some of the tools.

Clone stamp Project: This project was assigned to get students comfortable with the clone stamp tool. This skyline image was the one I chose in class to use as an example. Some students moved very quickly in this project and others had some difficulties. Overall students said this was one of their favorite projects because they had the control to make things disappear.

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