Monday, September 28, 2009

The website currently up for Carrillo Underwater Systems is
The main focus for this site will be to update all the photos and re-vamp the layout.

The websites I am researching for Out of the Blue include:
I will be working from the ground up on this website so I need to brush up on my web knowledge.

Back to School

Well I am back in the lab after a long, hot summer. I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do for my senior capstone. I want to investigate working on websites. There are two different businesses that are interested in letting me work on and create websites for them.

Carrillo Underwater Systems
The first business is Carrillo Underwater Systems, it is my dad's business. The company sells underwater deep sea dive equipment. He needs a site where people can view his new product line and check out all the specs. I want to create an engaging site that people want to look at. The company is based out of Brookings, right on the beautiful Southern Oregon coast. I want to feature his products in their natural environment. I plan on photographing his new line and using the template of his website that is already laid out.

Step 1. Talk to Robert and find out what he has already done with the site
Step 2. Work on a proposal for the site
Step 3. Photograph the first product line
Step 4. Collect the written information on the product
Step 5. Collaborate with his publicist on the writing and information for the web site

Out of the Blue
The second company is Out of the Blue. It is a local Ashland jewelry and trade store. The owner, Kathleen focuses and specializes in African Art. She has an amazing collection of masks and tribal art pieces that she wants to feature on a site. Kathleen gave me a website that she would like to mimic. It is an impressive site that takes you through each tribe in Africa and which art they feature. This project is huge and I am not sure if I am capable of taking it on but I want to try.
Step 1. Research the website
Step 2. Find out what it takes to create that kind of a site.
Step 3. Start working with Kathleen to find out which pieces she wants to feature.
Step 4. Photograph the art that she has on hand.
Step 5. Create a database of all the information she has on each tribe and organize it.
Step 6. Research and catalogue the info on each piece.

I need to do a lot of digging and research before I can create a timeline.