Monday, December 7, 2009

Final project for the year: MOVIE POSTER

For the final project with the students I decided to have some fun. The project is to create a movie poster. The students formed groups of no more than three and were given a genre to work with. They then had to create a story line and basic template for the cover. The next day we worked with the camera or researched online to find some great source images. They will have two more classes to work on the project and each complete a different look for their movies. I am very excited to see how these turn out!!!! The teacher, Mr. David Nolin has asked me to stay on and work more with the students. This should be a great challenge and I will most likely extend my project because of the opportunity. Some ideas I have for next quarter will be:
  • Designing add layouts for local businesses
  • Repairing damaged photos
  • Creating text that has emotion
  • Abstract graphic art

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