Wednesday, March 10, 2010

story board templates

These are the two basic templates that I have been using for my story boarding. So far I have over 40 full templates completes in rough draft form. I have most of the script written out and now I am going back through the book and analyzing the author's use of language for each character.

The title of the book is Sassinak. It is about a young woman in the far off future who was captured by space pirates as a girl. The story is about redemption, building a family out of nothing, and determination. The girl, Sassinak is a spirited girl, and we follow her through her life until the present, where she is captain of her own pirate chasing ship. The way I designed this tv series is to focus on her life in the present with the option of creating more adventures.....but to introduce her life story with flashbacks for the first few episodes to get a feel for the main character. The cover of the book depicts her in full battle gear, when she faces of a specific group of pirates in one of her adventures. This is hard core sci-fi mixed with military camaraderie.

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