Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Louie's Bar and Grill Graphics work

This was the logo that I created out of the old Louie's Bar & Grill daytime logo.
The goal was to create a new identity for any late time activities because the owner wanted to delineate between the two personas that her business functions as.

Currently in printing are the front and back sided late night food/drink menus
I tried to keep these simple and to the point.

This was the first flier I created for Louie's as a teaser for Wednesday specials.

This was of course the Wet T-Shirt Contest poster....pretty obvious.

This is the newest piece I have been working on. I actually created 5 different business card looks for Austin, the bar manager. Everyone agreed unanimously on this one. I took a photo of the pint of beer at the bar and then amped up the saturation and vibrance in bridge to make it pop!

I really enjoy all of this work, and I will be working on other projects for Louie's as they arise.

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  1. I like this stuff a lot. My favorite is the Industry Night promo card. I think you should rework it for Ladies' Night with a hot pink or purple afterglow....