Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday at Mill Creek Falls in the Rain!

Mill Creek Falls Adventure begins........

 travel guide

First glimpse of upper falls

Just amazing!

More amazing!

second falls

lovely light

Crazy burnt tree

Fire cored tree

Aaaahhhh the silhoettes....

spiky fluff balls...hmmm

More.....spikey things

end of the branch series.....


more wooosh!!!

Noah with his wood

First steps into avenue of the giants

He's falling! AAAAAaaaah

Yes we ran around in the rain....

Hobo Graffitti

Our climb to the top!

Running water.....

Beautiful colors!

Rocks Cry?

Stone cold face

Alien in the rock

My trip to Mill Creek Falls was amazing! I went with my friend Noah, and we ran around like crazy people in the rain. Since we are both photo junkies we ended up with way too many photos....but some of them turned out nicely.

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